A Good Man Goes to War
Doctorul Al Unsprezecelea Doctor
Tovarășii Lui Amy Pond
Rory Williams
River Song
Inamici Doamna Kovarian
Colonelul Manton
Headless Monks
Locația Demon's Run, Secolul 52

A Good Man Goes to War a fost al saptelea episod din Seria 6 din Doctor Who.

Sezon 5 Sezon 6 Episoade 6
A Christmas CarolThe Impossible Astronaut / Day of the MoonThe Curse of the Black SpotThe Doctor's WifeThe Rebel Flesh / The Almost PeopleA Good Man Goes to War / Let's Kill HitlerNight TerrorsThe Girl Who WaitedThe God ComplexClosing TimeThe Weeding of River Song

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